Our reputation is built on healthy relationships which have foundations based on our absolute guarantee of confidentiality at all times; offering privacy, professionalism and simple loyalty.Both complex and more focused matters are addressed with the same degree of diligence and professionalism
at all times.


Diligence is steadfast application, assiduousness and industry — the virtue of hard work rather than the sin of careless sloth. Our case reports include all times, mileage and incidents.


Loyalty is a sense of duty or of devoted attachment to something or someone. You trust us with your information, we trust no one else! .


Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, we will do our utmost to ensure our service meets the customer expectations.


Thames Valley Investigations offer a comprehensive and well thought out range of private investigation services including: Surveillance, Accident Investigation, Process Serving, Tracing, Family Tree Investigations and legal services in and around the Thames Valley. Please ring 07767744082 for further details. If you require more information regarding any aspect of our services; call us now for a private consultation and receive responsive and informative advice at no cost.

You or your company may never have engaged a firm of Private Investigators before - but put your mind at rest! Private investigator agencies are now widely utilised by all sections of the private and corporate communities, not to mention certain government departments and local authorities. Privatisation has progressed in recent years and the specialisation of a quality private investigator / private detective company are now very sought after. Don't delay contact us now.


  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Focus & Determination
  • Loyalty